Vivid Dreams


It’s a sunny day. They’re both walking through the city, their city, their part of the city – filled with light, sunshine, the hustle and bustle of townspeople and tourists alike.

Shyly, surreptitiously he looks at her from the corner of his eye. Her flowing hair, the curve of her shoulder as it joins her (eminently kissable) neck, her bright eyes, the mischievous smile. “Damn, am I lucky or what?!” he says inwardly “I can’t believe I met her when I did how I did…”

He’s broken out of his revery by an intense pair of eyes staring straight at his, the imptient tap of a sneakered foot on the traditional cobblestones that line streets of their city, the placement of hands on hips and the words “Are you sleeping?! I’m talking to you! Let’s go have a drink!” briskly she turns and leads the way and it’s all he can do to follow.

They spend the whole afternoon together, marveling at their city. As if it’s the first time they see it. In a way it is, as they’ve never seen it together, through each other’s eyes. And they’ve found even more to bring them together.

As dusk arrives, followed swiftly by night, they head towards the river and have a seat on the grassy banks. Uncharacteristically, she chooses to sit close to him. And it does not go unnoticed.

As they talk he notices the subtle, covert, looks she throws his way. The fact that she uses every excuse to touch him. The increased brightness in her eyes as she smiles at him… “What’s going on?” he wonders as a whole swarm of butterflies start flapping around in his stomach. He can’t help but smile back at her, touch her back and he certainly doesn’t need an excuse to look at her, he just doesn’t hold back anymore.

They go back to walwalk through the streets of their town, the downtown buildings (now lit by streetlights) still glow with bright colors. Suddenly she reaches out and holds his hand. He flinches, almost recoils, as if an electric current had suddenly jolted up his arm, but manages to hold it together and entwines his fingers with hers.

They stop at a crosswalk light. She turns to face him. They look at each other right smack in the eyes for a second or two (that actually feels like forever, but in a good way). She steps closer to him. Unbelievably she steps even closer. And closer… And lays her head on his shoulder. He wraps his arms around her and holds on tight, as if for dear life.

“Damn, I must be dreaming!” he says out loud, as his hand finds its way to her hair, she giggles, sighs and says “Then it’s a fucking good dream, and I’m having too!” and cuddles up, even closer, to him…

Just then… The alarm clock goes off… I shut my eyes tight and try to go back, to dive back into that moment… It’s no use! I can’t get her back!

All I see is beautiful blood red hair, bright eyes, naughty smile, all I feel is the touch of her hand in mine, I can actually smell her around me, on me.

Vivid dreams are the worst some people say.

Allow me to fucking disagree!

Out here looking for the good life
Tongue in my cheek and your back in my knife
I keep pushing through, my eyes right on you
Everyone says you should get away, fast as you can
But I know you’ll stay, you never fall behind
It’s always on your mind
You’re somewhere I wanna go
Nice and swift as we take it slow
Well were on our way
Don’t never hesitate
I’ll hide in the dark in the back of your brain
And laugh a little louder as we go insane
No time to waste
I never come too late
If you don’t like it
Then try it
If you don’t like it
Then try it
Oh, I believe it when I see it
I’ll believe it when I see it
You’re a misfit and I’m your freak
Dance all night till our knees go weak
We could shut this place down
No one else is around
I try hard to understand
The crush of the world in the palm of your hand
You know we sit just right
Let’s run away from the night
If you don’t like it
Then try it
If you don’t like it
Then try it
Well babe, I believe it when I see it
I’ll believe it when I see it
Tongue in your cheek and back in my knife
Out here looking for the good life
Keep on pushing through, I got eyes on you
Baby, you know that we’re on our way
Misfit and freak every single day
Sittin’ ten feet tall, let’s go take it all
If you don’t like it
Then try it
If you don’t like it
Then try it
I know you can see it, I’ll believe it
You can see it, I believe it
We’re here for a moment
So let’s own it
For a moment, so let’s own it
It’s here for the taking
Why you waiting?
This good loving is worth making

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