sadness /ˈsadnəs/ noun
  1. the condition or quality of being sad.
    Synonims: unhappinesssorrowdejectionregretdepressionmisery, cheerlessness, downheartedness, despondencydespairdesolation, wretchedness, glumness, gloom, gloominess, dolefulness, melancholylow spirits, mournfulness, woe, broken-heartedness, heartachegrief

I know I don’t talk much. About me or anything else for that matter. I know I was a person who actually wanted to be left alone, a while back. I know I don’t open up.

So that’s why I chose to write this.

I’m sad.

I’ve been here before and I swore I’d never come back… But I guess it’s inevitable.

After such a high, fun, bright period in my life… It feels like all the lights went out. I feel lonely. I feel left behind. I feel worthless. I feel like no one cares.

I’m feeling like I’m at the bottom of a pit and I can’t get out, no matter how hard I try…

I feel so alone… No one’s around and all I need is comfort. A hug. Someone who’ll tell me “it’ll be okay”. Someone to keep me company. Someone to keep me safe.

It’s so hard to deal with this… So unbearably hard! It’s dark in here. And all I do is refuse to see the light.

I feel hopeless. Dejected. Tired. Sad. But mostly I feel lonely…

Am I not good enough…? What’s wrong with me, I wonder?

Is anybody out there…?

I feel the time, slowly drifting in my veins,
Memories, remains
Confined, I’m alive, somewhere by the autumn leaves,
Falling in between

‘Cause no one’s there to hold my head up high,
No one’s there to peace my mind

Alone, lies my soul, I’m so cold, I’m afraid,
To find hollow life
Sleepless night, empty days

Opaque fading eyes stumble in my face,
Through the crowd I forsake
Demised I’m aside weaked by the lonely haze,
Of no point, no aim

‘Cause no one’s there to hold my head up high,
No one’s there, no one’s there (no one’s there…)

Alone, I’m afraid,
To find hollow life,
Sleepless nights, empty days


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