Out Of The Dark


Out of the dark, the light shone.
Out of nowhere I dared hope, against all hope.

“Out of my way (darkness, loneliness, insecurities) I’m coming through!” – was my first thought.
Went all out, again. Hoping something was there, which actually isn’t. Something IS there – or so it was said. Just the wrong time – again.
Merely cracked a shell. Really hate time and (some) places.
Really hate this feeling called hope – really hate hope.

I really hate this hopelesseness I feel. I feel defenseless. Tired, unloved, alone and lonesome, depressed, insecure. I feel like there is no light, no real light.

“The soothing light at the end of my tunnel is just a freight train coming my way”

Not because of you.
Not because of the unfairness of the world.
Not because of everything else.
Because of me.
This unrelenting, uncanny ability I have of deluding and, ultimately, hurting myself.


2 opiniões sobre “Out Of The Dark”

  1. Your inner darkness It is a part of you. It will always follow you even in the brightest of days, like a shadow, relentlessly into the night. To fully accept yourself you must embrace your darkness. Only then it will no longer drag you down… The first step is to acknowledge your inner darkness, then get to know it, never fight it. well done.

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