Everything is random. It’s fairly safe to say that, whatever you come across, in the course of your life, is the product of a random chain of events, determined by nothing other than their specific randomness.

The people you know, and get to be the best friends in your whole life, can and will most certainly come from a totally random meeting in some social occasion.

Most of humanity’s greatest advancements, in any field you can think of, derive from chance and random events.

You family is random. You can not determine who you family will be, you can not determine the course of their lives. The very event that leads to you concepcion is totally and absolutely random. Out of millions upon millions of cells only one randomly fertilizes the egg which will ultimately result in you.

You are randomness at its finest.

You are born ou of randomness and the “end result” of the formation of your personality and, ultimately, your life is a series of random events.

All this leads me to the conclusion that nothing at all is predetermined. That life is random, yes, but it is also what you make it. Because by taking some random action at a random time may well lead you on the path you have searched for all your life, the person you live your whole life to meet, the step that takes you on the path of greatness.


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